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Inktober 2017 Art Challenge

I heard about Inktober about 3 years ago after following Mr. Jake Parker on instagram. He's the creator of the art challenge and a prolific illustrator, children's books author and teacher (svslearn). Jake has a large archive of inspirational art tip videos on youtube, but one of his earlier episode has pushed me to finally participate in this year's challenge. I had procrastinated for the past 3 years on doing this challenge thinking that I could better spend my time and energy elsewhere. Now I'm starting to see that I really could benefit from this strict regimen of one-a-day hand inked drawing that doesn't have to be perfect but finished.

I'm following the prompt this year and am just posting whatever comes to mind. My goals for this challenge are to:

  1. Get better at inking by hand

  2. Discipline myself to finish the challenge

  3. Potentially add something to my portfolio

  4. Inspire others to do the same by posting my progress on @kudosumoart

  5. And most importantly have fun!

Wish me luck and Happy Inking!

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